Our vision is to see young people on fire for Christ!
St John’s Youth is to be a place where young people want to be and where they feel valued. For young people to encounter and experience the transformative and extraordinary love of God through the Bible, worship, prayer and experience.



Our Sunday mornings are a fun, inspiring space for young people to build relationships with each other and with God. We meet at the 11am service in the church building before moving across to The Warehouse. We spend some time together before hanging out in Younger Youth and Older Youth (in Hussar’s café).

What we typically do involves: youth café, worship, games, inspiring messages and stories, discussion, activities, prayer and ministry. 

We also encourage all youth to come along to our Sunday Evening Youth Connect at 5pm. We then walk over to the 6pm evening service which is a great space to be in community to worship, serve one another and receive in ministry.



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The Thursday Night Youth Connect is aimed at year 10+ and happens every other week at the Dean’s or in the Upper Room. It's a really good space to get to know everyone better, and to go deeper in exploring faith and how it impacts our lives as young people at school, and with friends!
The dates for the next Older Youth Connect groups are:

14th November

28th November


Friday night youth is for years 7-9 and runs from 7pm until 9pm every other week downstairs in The Warehouse. It's a great chance to hang out, play games, create and have fun after a busy week! Also keep an eye out for one off events on Fridays! The dates for the next Friday Night Youth Clubs are:

8th November

22nd November

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3 items I would take on a desert island...
1. Crate of kit-kats
2. The Bible
3. probably a playstation, but then there's probably nowhere to plug it into, oh and i haven't included a TV... okay, I'll choose a sofa.

What's the most ridiculous fact you know?
Toilet seats are cleaner than our mobile phones... gross.

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?Probably the same way I feel about ketchup on pasta... there is no place for it!

Toilet paper... over or under?
Over! Always over! Although my wife, Emily, insists on it being under!

Name a tv or film character who is just like you...
Have you seen Superman... yeah not him,
I'd have to say Postman Pat. He's always super focused on a task and knows everyone. That's me.

Favourite joke...
What do you call a man with no shin?



3 items I would take on a desert island...
1. My Phone (for iBooks - and gotta get that ‘gram)
2. Suncream!
3. A hammock

What's the most ridiculous fact you know?
Tardigrades can survive in temperatures up to absolute zero

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
Yes, yes, yes… and yes.

Toilet paper... over or under?
Honestly never thought about it! Our toilet roll holder is broken in our house so we just stand them on their end.

Name a tv or film character who is just like you...
Definitely Merida from Brave. Headstrong, curious, and a dab hand at archery. I also love how she grows through the film.

Favourite joke...
Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over.


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