Giving is a joy and a privilege for Christians. We offer our whole lives to God, and money is a part of that.

St John’s has been amazingly blessed through people’s financial support and committed giving and we could not be the church we are without the generosity of so many people.

We are registered recipients with Stewardship, who have set up a support fund for our ministry. You can support us by making gifts to
Stewardship for our fund. Where applicable, the value of your gifts may be increased by use of Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer).

How does it work?

Step 1:  You give to Stewardship

Step 2:  Stewardship manage the financial transaction with you and the related Gift Aid Claim

Step 3:  You request Stewardship to give this money to St John’s.

Stewardship use a ‘Direct Debit’ which means that you can request them to make any relevant changes, at any time you wish.

How do I set it up?

1.  Using Paper:  A simple paper form is available at church.

2.  Online:  Set up a Stewardship Giving Account online and set up a Monthly Gift.   Then, arrange Stewardship to give this Gift (including Gift Aid if possible please) to St John’s Hampton Wick.

3. If you are 18-25 there is a special account that you can set up here and Stewardship gives us an extra £10 per month for the first year!

How do I make changes?

You can make any changes to your giving, via the online tool. You may also email, call or write to Stewardship on  or 020 8502 5600. If you have any further problems or questions please contact the Church Office on 020 8977 7733.

How do I make a one-off gift?

If you don’t want to set up a Stewardship Account, you can make one-off gifts via our site.


We have set up our church to receive funds through a site called  It’s very straightforward to use, the idea being that as you spend money on over 2000 internet shops – e.g. Amazon, Next, M&S, Argos etc, they donate a percentage of what you spend directly to your chosen cause. An example percentage is Amazon give up to 1.5% on purchases and St John’s gets 100% of the amount they give.

Legacy Giving

Here at St John’s Hampton Wick we welcome all gifts in Wills, however large or small, and we promise to use your gift to make a difference in our parish.  Our aim is to use legacy gifts to help fund the ongoing mission and ministry of St John’s. This could also include significant development projects, whether buildings, equipment or staff.

Since needs change over the years, we encourage you to leave a gift in your Will for the general purposes of St John’s rather than for a restricted purpose. We will discuss possible uses of your gift with your Executors when the time comes, bearing in mind your known areas of interest in the church (eg music, buildings, children, youth, overseas mission etc) and the church’s priorities at the time. You can be confident that your gift will be used to make a real difference to our future mission and ministry. 

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about the sorts of purposes your gift might fund, and how you would like your gift to be acknowledged, please speak to Rev Jerry Field on 020 8977 7733.

If you would like to make a gift to our church in memoriam, please come and discuss this with us too. It can be a wonderful and appropriate way to remember a loved one.

Thank you!